Successful Businessman in India

Successful Businessman in India-Top 10 Entrepreneurs

Today I am sharing a list of 10 exhibitions of all the institutions in the history of history. successful businessman in india top 10 entrepreneurs, we are sharing stories, India has developed many entrepreneurs who have mastered their business and they have been very successful. The following is a list of the most successful Indian business people.

Successful Businessman in India

1.Dhirubhai Ambani

Successful Businessman in India, Dhirubhai Ambani, also known as Dhirjh Lal Hirachand Ambani (28 December 1932 – 6 July 2002) was the founder of Reliance Industries in Mumbai (1966) and now his son, Mr. Mukesh Ambani and Mr. Anil Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Reliance. And MD. Industries Limited is an Indian conglomerate with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Reliance (Mukesh) owns India’s business in the telecommunications, energy, natural resources, petrochemicals, retail and textile business and (Anil) Reliance Group with interests in telecom, entertainment, financial, power and infrastructure. Handled the garden Reliance is the second most profitable company in India and the second-largest public company in India through market capitalization. The second-largest revenue-generating company after the government-controlled Indian and Fortune Global 114 ranked at 114th. As of 2014 one of the largest corporations in the world. It accounts for about 20% of India’s total exports and is ranked 14th among the top 250 global energy companies by plates.

2.Ratan TATA-TATA Group

Successful Businessman in India, Ratan N Tata was chairman of Tata Soni and formed the Tata Group from 1991 to December 28, 2012, after his retirement. Its major tat companies include Tata Steel, Tata Global Wine, Tata Tysource, Tata Consulting Services, Tata Motors, Tata Power, Tata Chemicals and Indian Hotels. During his tenure, the group’s revenue increased slightly, rising to $ 100 billion in 2011-12. Manufacturing companies have gained global leadership in their business. For example, one of Tata Communications is an international sales voice provider and Tata Steel, one of the fifteen best stock makers. Tata Motors is one of the top ten commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world, the world’s second-largest IT services company, with a market cap and profitability, and Tata Global Beverage is the second-largest channel in the world. Build a great factory.

3.Narayana’s History-Infosys

Successful Businessman in India, In 1981, Infosys headed Narayana Mathe, a global software consulting company, from 1981 – 2002 to chairman and CEO of Infosys from 1981 to 2011, as president from 2011 to 2011. The chairman served as Emeritus. Under his leadership, Infosys was listed on the NASDAQ in 1999. We were listed in the 12th largest merchant list by Fortune Magazine in 2012. Australia placed him among the top 10 most valued global business leaders in 2005. Listed in the Top 10 “Financial Technologies in Technologies” published in March 2015, “Fifty Times”. He was in 2014 and was one of the 25 global business leaders of 13th Hanamong CNB, which has had a major impact on society over the last 25 years. He is the first Indian Artist and the first Indian winner of the Art Entrepreneur of the World Entrepreneur Award and has received the Max Shahidini Liberty Award. The business appeared in the category of Businessmen and Employers published by Hawk, Time, CNN, Fortune, Forbes, Financial Times and India Today.

4. Azim H. Premji-Wipro

Successful Businessman in India, Muhammed Hashim Premji founded West Indian Vegetable Products Co., Ltd. in 1945 in Maharashtra. It produced cooking oil under the brand name Sunflower Vanaspati and used a washing soap called 787, a by-product of oil production. I am in charge of Wipro Limited. He has diversified a $ 2 million hydrogenated cooking fat company into nearly $ 8 billion in revenue IT, BPO, and R & D services organizations and is now present in 58 countries. Revenue for the entire Wipro group is $ 9 billion. Wipro Ltd, a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with more than 170,000 employees in more than 175 cities on six continents, generated $ 7.7 billion in revenue for the year ended March 31, 2016. Accounted. As one of the best entrepreneurs responsible for Wipro emerging as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

5. Lakshmi Mittal Arcelor

Successful Businessman in India, Lakshmi Mittal, once the richest in India, has slipped into the rankings as Arcelor Mittal and the world’s largest steelmaker and has suffered a drop in steel prices due to a global oversupply due to increased exports from China. The company said the loss was due to the write-off of its iron ore mining business. Arcelor sold a 35% stake in Gestamp, a Spanish auto parts maker, for $ 1 billion to reduce its debt by $ 15.7 billion. Revenues in 2015 were $ 64 billion, down 20%, with a net loss of $ 7.9 billion, seven times higher than last year. It is also proposing to raise $ 3 billion to increase capital. However, Mittal, who is not worried about his homeland, is reportedly rethinking plans to build a new steel plant in South India.

6.DR. Verges Krien Amur

Successful Businessman in India, He is the founder and chair of GCMMF and has contributed to Amul’s success for more than 30 years (1973-2006). Headquartered in Anand, Gujarat, India, it is an Indian dairy cooperative founded in 1946 and is a brand managed by the Cooperative and the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Sales Federation (GCMMF). Owned by 3.6 million milk producers in Gujarat. The cooperatives are Dr. Verghese Kurien and H.M. Daraya. Innovative technology (first in the world) to produce skim milk from Dalaya buffalo milk, and a little later, with the help of Kurien, on a commercial scale.

7.Anand Mahindra- Mahindra Group

Successful Businessman in India, Anand Mahindra (b. May 1, 1955) is the president and director of the Mahindra group. His grandfather JC Mahindra co-founded the company in Mumbai, India. Founded as a steel trading company, the Group is present in several sectors, from agribusiness to aerospace. He is included in Fortune magazine as “the 50 largest leaders in the world” and is featured in the 2011 list of the 25 most powerful businessmen in Asia. Anand was also noted by Forbes (India) as “Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2013 and the Sustainable Development Award for the Sustainable Development Leader for the Institute for Energy and Resources (TERI) in 2014.

8. Shaid Nader-HCL

Successful Businessman in India, Said Nader was born in 1945, in Thorachandar, Tamil Nadu, and started his career in Cope Engineering in the Walchand Group in 1967 in Pune. Later, HCL began in 1997 with an initial investment in 1994. From the 1980s to six founders. Chef Nader has entered the international market with the launch of his Far East Computers in Singapore to sell IT hardware. In 1984, Sher Nadir also started developing personal computer solutions that fit the bus and Unix platforms. In the IT hardware business, his company started with a subsidiary known as the HACL Office iSolution, which leads the solution in India’s leadership office. In 1987, ABC received revenue of Rs 100 crore and was ranked as India’s No.1 company in 1998, Nader transformed his business into five companies. HCL Technologies, HLL Infosys, HLC Commons, HLC Patent and NIH Technologies by NADAR in 1999, were HSCL’s second-largest income company at the time of its initial public offering.

9. Jamnalal Bajaj & Rahul Bajaj-Bajaj Auto

Successful Businessman in India, Bajaj Group is one of more than 10 business houses in India and has business-oriented to various industries, including two automobiles such as automobile and television, home appliances, iron and steel, lighting, insurance, finance, and terra. The group’s flagship company is the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of two- and three-wheeler, and Bajaj Brand is well-known in many countries. Jamal Baj, who was the founder of the group, was a close confidant of Mahatma Gandhi. His son, Kamalanya Bajaj, passed away in 27 years, 1942, over the reigns of the business. He was also close to Gandhi and after independence in 1947, he was able to give full focus to his business. Kamalanjan Bajaj not only strengthened the group but also diversified into different educational activities. Rahul Bajaj, the current chairman of the group, took charge of the business in 1965. Under his leadership, Bajaj Auto’s flagship company is valued at over $ 2 million. 120 billion, has expanded its product portfolio and the brand has found a global market. He is one of the most respected workers in India and internationally respected for his business and business sentiment.

10. Snell Mattel-Hehriti International

Successful Businessman in India, Sunil Bhatti Mittal is the founder and chairman of Heavy Enterprise, which has interests in telecom, retail, real estate, financial services, agricultural products, and renewable energy. The company is the third-largest global telecommunications company in the world of Indian Beetle Group, with over 300 million customers in customer base primarily in South Asia and Africa. Sunil is a recipient of Padma Bhushan, one of the top Indian awards and was also the NSDB Business Leader for World Series 2011 and the vision Benefit Corporation Leadership Award 2011 for “Corporate Conscience”. Has been He was previously awarded the Global Economic Award in 2009 by the Doyle Institute of Australia and also awarded the ‘Global Vision’ Award 2008 to the US-India Business Council. He received the 2008 JMS Association Chairman Award and also the Academy of countless entrepreneurs, Babson College, and Wellesley, Massachusetts. He was ranked by Baron’s Magazines in 2009 among the 25 FreedomPropists worldwide.

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